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Gettings Reed Financial Services, LLC

(formally Todd Financial Services)




672 Main Street
Suite 300
Lafayette, IN 47901-1335

Our Mission Statement

Helping You Explore the Paths
and Possibilities of Purposeful
Life and Money Planning!

Elaine Todd applies a "Spirit of Life" style of planning to provide clients a method to articulate financial goals for all stages of life and to share their dreams and the personal legacy they wish to leave their loved ones.

Many of our clients are part of the "Sandwich Generation" ... taking care of children, grandchildren and parents. We work hard to provide help and resources for over-worked, under-appreciated caregivers.

We serve clients who are willing to be honest and forthright, willing to face hard issues and decisions, who have assets to protect and who love family. We provide small business owners various methods of succession planning and asset protection strategies.


“The best reward for doing this work is to hear a client say I have really made a difference, not just with the money, but with life planning issues as well. I am blessed with this life mission and do my best to pass the blessing to others.”
—Elaine Todd